What was the process by which Bit Lidex 360 was created?

Bit Lidex 360 was born out of a person's curiosity and their quest to find answers to their questions regarding Bitcoin. The person who founded Bit Lidex 360 was already captivated by the possibility that Satoshi Nakamoto was a mystery to the world, despite having made Bitcoin one of the more innovative types of currency. But their desire to learn more about this digital currency grew into a passion to trade it once they realized the potential of this currency.

It took them 3 years to develop trading strategies that actually performed well in their role as a Bitcoin trader. After studying the patterns of price, deciphering the elements that influence Bitcoin pricing the most, and identifying the tools for trading that were most suitable to Bitcoin trade, the team finally began putting everything together to make Bit Lidex 360.

The creator of the platform spoke about their ideas with a friend, who connected them with a group of programmers. It took just 15 months for them to develop Bit Lidex 360 hub, which houses all of the Bitcoin trading tools that traders require. As time has passed, the platform for trading has been improved and technology-driven to allow quick trades in just only a couple of clicks.

What was the reason Bit Lidex 360 was created?

The motivation behind the development of Bit Lidex 360 is that the creators were looking for a platform that would allow those who are interested in trading crypto to get acquainted with Bitcoin and other ways to trade, and enjoy an enjoyable Bitcoin trade experience.

The goal of the platform from the very beginning was to demonstrate to traders that they have the ability to create their own style of trading and preferred Bitcoin pair, as well as establish rules to trade as they like.

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